BOOK OF 2 PETER (each lecture is approximately ½ hour)


Zechariah Parts 1 - 5:

GOSPEL OF LUKE (each lecture is approximately 1 hour)

Haggai Video:

BOOK OF ACTS (each lecture is approximately 1 hour)

SONG OF SONGS (lecture is approximately 3 hours)

NEW PAULINE PERSPECTIVE (each lecture is approximately ½ to 1 hour)


BOOK OF JUDE (each lecture is approximately ½ hour)

GOSPEL OF JOHN (each lectures is approximately 1 hour)

1 and 2 CORINTHIANS (each lecture is approximately 3 hours)

BOOK OF EZEKIEL (each lecture is approximately 1 hour)

Malachi Video:

1, 2, and 3 JOHN (each lecture is approximately 1 hour)

University of the Nations - Photo Journal

BRITISH LIBRARY AND BRITISH MUSEUM (each lecture is approximately 10-12 minutes)

POST-EXILIC PROPHETS (each lecture is approximately ½ hour)

EZRA AND NEHEMIAH (each lecture is approximately 30 minutes)

INTRODUCTION TO THE BIBLE (each lecture is approximately 10 minutes)

BOOK OF DANIEL (each lecture is approximately ½ hour)


​​Youth With A Mission is the one of the largest evangelical missions agencies in the world. My link to them is through their University of the Nations (U of N), and since 1991 I have been privileged to lecture in many of their international campuses in their Schools of Biblical Studies and related curriculum as well as produce for them a number of on-line lectures in their On-line University system. As a former professor of an American undergraduate college, it has been fulfilling and encouraging to work with internationals in their intensive study of the Scriptures.

Following are the internet links to on-line lectures.

Following that is a photo journal of my work in The U of N over the past several years.